Philander warned over poor fitness record

Vernon Philander will proceed with his conditioning ahead of the scheduled home summer scheduled for 10 tests to make him fully available in South Africa, where 10 tests are scheduled, including two 4-game series against India and Australia. is.

Philander struggled with ankle injuries and return from viral diseases in the first and third tests in the UK, respectively, and worried about the fourth, etc. He was severely criticized by former captain Graeme Smith, and the current captain Faf du Plessis also weighed, urging Philander to focus on his fitness.

"It's possible to play and start a lot of cricket for the country, and Vern is fair to accept it," he said. "If you played only one or two test matches and then stopped playing one or two… too much time passes when our team goes & # 39; Vern can get injured again. & # 39; Fitness perspective in.

"We've released an important series that plays India and Australia at home rather than playing an insignificant series. It's an eight test match and must be suitable to pass every game."

Philander's value for South Africa is underlined in the second test when he performed the Man of the Match show at the Trent Bridge. South Africa relied on him when he found a series leader in an oval and was hampered by restroom rest on the opening day, but the rest was limited. He spent a second night at the hospital but returned with a bat but couldn't see as much as he needed in the second inning under perfect conditions for him.

Then, as South Africa thought he would win me a victory over Phillander at Old Trafford, he provoked adversity to frustrate Smith and Du Plessis.

Du Plessis said, “I finally talked to you. He just had to do a small fitness test, but he said it would be ok. So he was frustrated when he was stiff back the next morning. "We needed Vern to compete and win. You needed the best player. Duanne had a good time with this game, but Vern would be one of the best in these conditions." Everyone here in four fights is here It was very frustrating and disappointing not to put it on. "

Prior to this series, Philander played in three tests against New Zealand at home, three against Australia, three against Sri Lanka at home, and 11 against three in New Zealand, but suffered injuries early in his career. He was injured in three of his first four series (knee, lower back, hamstring problems) before he was torn ankle ligaments in India in November 2015, stopping his action for nine months. Philander took time to fully trust his ankle again and admitted that it did not help injuring another ankle in the lead-up of this series.

Smith pointed out that given the fact that he only plays one format at the international level, Philander is not always able to achieve his speed with the help of a team trainer. He had to take responsibility for himself and du Plessis promised that Philander would do more. "It's a challenge for Bern not to play the whole series too often. I talked about it, accepted the challenge and should improve it."


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