A minute with: Dev Patel talks politics, typecasting

Dubai: "Lion" star Dev Patel spoke this week about Reuters and politics, film casting in the film industry, and views on the next film project.
Patel won the Best Supporting Actor Award for his role in "The Lion," the story of an Indian boy adopted by Australians to find his long family this year at the Oscars.
Patel gave a speech at the Chivas Icon Awards in Dubai, and was honored by the #Lionheart campaign working with underprivileged children in India and elsewhere.
Here's an interview with Reuters:
Q: I have borders in many countries around the world. What do you use?
A: I am a product of immigrants. So if you are asking about freedom of travel within the country, consolidation or border, I am very familiar …
There is a split voice, a split voice, and a negative voice. However, many arts such as "Lion" and movies of the year (such as "Moonlight") can break down the barriers of this prejudice.
Q: I've talked about the type cast issue for roles before. How big is it?
A: That's what actors like me have to constantly try and defend.
I am proud to be able to represent a variety of films. By bringing life into various stories, people who look like me have something they crave on the screen. "
Q: What are the motivations for the #Lionheart campaign?
A: Every year 80,000 children are missing on Indian streets and there are a total of 11 million children on the streets. What we are doing is bringing one of those stories to life.
Q: The next movie looks at the Mumbai terrorist attack. Worried how to get?
A: At the end of "Slumdog Millionaire", that story especially affected me because we dance on this train platform. Hundreds of travelers …
So when there is a story to be made, a movie will be made. I really wanted to breathe into that life and be on a level of humanity and integrity. .

Source: https://www.thenews.com.pk/latest/202633-A-minute-with-Dev-Patel-talks-politics-typecasting


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