Taapsee Pannu on being an outsider in Bollywood

MUMBAI: Taapsee Pannu's only action sequence in the 2015 thriller "Baby" showed that she chased a bad guy without the help of a male hero. She said that one scene starred in the first part of "Baby" in the upcoming spy film "Naam Shabana" (my name is Shabana).
The 29-year-old actress, who began her career in the Telugu film industry, was praised for her performance in the last year's legal drama "Pink." She talked with Reuters about the latest movie, why she is receiving a strong female role and being an outsider in Bollywood.

Q: Can you talk about how "Naam Shabana" is made?
A: The first part of "Baby" was never written on the card, but when the movie was successful, I realized that I wanted to see more of my character from the audience. Since everyone wanted to see more (producers) decided more. I think I got that participle.
Q: When playing Shabana in "Baby", is there a background in her head?

A: I heard you have no feelings from morning to evening. She is concentrating only on her work. Since she works with many men, she decides that the only way she can go ahead of them is to read faster and read between lines better. In addition, you must believe that this girl can not bring too many men. If you meet that guy in that store, you should think I'm completely helpless. When I say "baby", that's all I know about the character. We did not make a story because we did not expect the first part.
Q: You are one of the few actresses with two practical lead roles for a year who don't have to share the limelight with a male star. What happened?
A: There was no other way to feel my presence.

Q: Why do you say so?
A: Because I'm an outsider. I have not been given a role to play an attractive diva. Because many people are already doing it well. So I had to bring a lot more to the table than simply looking good. I had to choose this road which didn't have much choice. There are so many debuts every year, and Hindi audiences don't know the physical activity going south or how good or bad it is. This was the only way because I had to break all the barriers. In fact, after the success of "Pink" received "Judwaa" ("Judwaa 2" is an upcoming action comedy).
Q: Can I write "Judwaa 2" after playing an important role?
A: Yes. If you continue to play a difficult role, the impact is reduced. I grew up watching movies like "Judwaa", and I want to watch movies with my childhood money.

Q: Did you feel like an outsider in Bollywood?
A: It was really warm in Hyderabad. I decided to move there even before the first movie was released. It's different because it's a bigger industry. I can yell at the top of my voice saying that I did something reliable but they don't worry because they haven't seen it in Hindi. You need to prove all the movies yourself until your audience believes that you can do anything. Then it is sorted.
(Report by Shilpama Jamkhandikar).

Source: https://www.thenews.com.pk/latest/189760-Actress-Taapsee-Pannu-outsider-in-Bollywood-Naam-Shabana-Baby-Pink-Judwaa-2


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